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At EasyTow, we understand the fast-paced lifestyle of Fort Lauderdale, where every minute matters. That’s why we offer unparalleled towing services with our tow trucks in Fort Lauderdale, ensuring you get back on the road quickly and hassle-free.

Easy Tow USA specializes in emergency towing assistance, offering swift response times to aid customers facing vehicle breakdowns, accidents, or other unforeseen emergencies. Our priority is ensuring that customers receive timely assistance when they need it most, allowing them to resume their journeys promptly and safely.

In times of distress, Easy Tow USA stands ready to provide expert towing services, bringing relief to stranded motorists across the area. Our experienced team swiftly mobilizes to the scene, equipped with state-of-the-art towing equipment and the expertise to handle any situation with efficiency and care.

Why is EasyTow USA the best choice for you?

EasyTow USA understands that providing adequate parking for residents, visitors, patrons, and homeowners can be a challenging task. 

Vehicle owners who disregard parking regulations only add to the existing parking problems on your property.

With EasyTow USA, you benefit from:

  • Efficient Parking Management and Enforcement
  • Versatile and Reliable Towing Services
  • An Established and Trusted Towing Company


If you need flat-bed & tow truck Fort Lauderdale towing service, EasyTow USA is your top choice. Our flat-bed tow trucks are ideal for transporting vehicles safely and securely, whether you have a luxury car, motorcycle, or light truck. 

Flat-bed towing is the preferred method for avoiding additional wear and tear on your vehicle during transport, as the entire vehicle is lifted off the ground.

At EasyTow USA, we pride ourselves on offering prompt and reliable service. Our team of professional and experienced drivers ensures your vehicle is handled with the utmost care. 

Whether you’re dealing with a breakdown, accident, or need to move a vehicle for another reason, we are here to help 24/7. Trust EasyTow USA for all your flat-bed towing needs in Fort Lauderdale, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is in good hands.

Our services in Fort Lauderdale
towing services


Our service ensures your vehicle reaches its destination safely, whether it's due to a breakdown or an accident.

Towing service

Non-vehicle tow

Need something other than a vehicle towed? We're equipped to handle a variety of tow requests beyond vehicles.

Towing Storage services


When you need a temporary place to keep your vehicle, our secure and reliable vehicle storage solutions are available.

Towing Winch Out services

Winch out

Our Aid offer efficient and convenient two-way transports for multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Gas Delivery

Gas Delivery

Whether it's a breakdown, accident, or the need for gas delivery, our tow service ensures your vehicle reaches its destination safely.

Towing Jumpstart


Dead battery? To get you moving again swiftly, our expert technicians provide quick jumpstart help.

Two-way tow

Two-way tow

For added convenience, our efficient and convenient two-way support transport multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Towing Load Unload services


Ensuring a smooth transition during transport, our specialists amenities handle loading and unloading vehicles with precision.

Towing Lockout services


specialists benefit for lockout vehicles, ensuring a smooth transition during transport.

Tire change

Tire change

Flat tire? Our team will swiftly get you back on the road by changing it in no time.

Flatbed towing


Our flatbed service is the ideal choice for secure and damage-free transportation.

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Towing support
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When it comes to motorcycle towing in Fort Lauderdale, EasyTow USA is the service you can trust. We understand that motorcycles require special handling and care during transport. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the right tools and expertise to ensure your motorcycle is transported safely and securely to its destination.

Our flat-bed tow trucks are specifically designed to handle motorcycles of all sizes, preventing any damage during the towing process. Whether you’ve experienced a breakdown, been involved in an accident, or simply need to move your bike from one location to another, EasyTow USA is ready to assist you 24/7.

We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable service, ensuring minimal wait times and quick response. Trust EasyTow USA for your motorcycle towing needs in Fort Lauderdale, and rest easy knowing your bike is in safe hands. Your satisfaction and the safety of your vehicle are our top priorities.



EasyTow USA offers specialized side winching and heavy-duty recovery services in Fort Lauderdale, ensuring that even the most challenging vehicle recoveries are handled with expertise and efficiency. Whether your vehicle is stuck in a ditch, off-road, or in any other difficult position, our advanced side winching equipment and experienced operators can recover it safely.

Heavy-duty recoveries require not only the right equipment but also a skilled team that understands the complexities involved. Our professionals are trained to manage large vehicles and complicated recovery scenarios, ensuring minimal damage and a successful recovery process. We are equipped to handle everything from large trucks and buses to construction equipment and other heavy machinery.

At EasyTow USA, we prioritize prompt and reliable service, understanding that time is crucial in recovery situations. Our 24/7 availability means we are always ready to assist you whenever you need us. Trust EasyTow USA for your side winching and heavy-duty recovery needs in Fort Lauderdale.

Serving all of Fort Lauderdale

EasyTow is not limited to a specific neighborhood. We serve the entire Fort Lauderdale area, including but not limited to:

  • Victoria Park

  • Wilton Manors

  • Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

  • Harbor Beach

  • Coral Ridge

  • Plantation

I called EasyTow USA when I had car troubles, and the towing specialist helped me out so much! Super friendly and knows the Champaign/Urbana area well. Would recommend him 10/10.

Jessica Taylor

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When you need towing services in Fort Lauderdale, think EasyTow. We’re just a call away, ready to assist you. Contact us 24/7 for reliable, efficient, and affordable towing services in the City of Fort Lauderdale.


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